Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday 'Star' Count

Linking up with Jess and her EPP-a-long. My blue blob now weighs 461grams! Not only that, I also basted 116 grams of hexagons.

I'm trying to square it off but at its widest points it is 45 inches by 56 inches. I've been working on this for 11 months now. I'm ready for this to be finished. I wonder how much it will weigh then?

In non-quilting news, I had a bit of a surprise this weekend. My friend Elmo found a box in his office, a box that I had sent him from Vietnam in 2006. It was full of stuff that I somehow thought was worthy of keeping but didn't want to carry as I was cycling around South East Asia. In the box was this gem, a needlepoint kit of the king of Thailand!
The instructions are in Thai but I think I might be up to the challenge. It comes with quite a bit of gold thread.


  1. Beautiful blues! What a great needlepoint kit to suddenly find.

  2. Beautiful
    Blue fabrics. I've never heard of anyone weighing their quilt tops! 45 x 60 is a good size. It depends how you want to use it. If it's meant for a bed or a lap quilt This will determine the finished dimensions. Keep up the good work and post the finished item!

  3. that sounds like some good progress! The needlepoint kit is INCREDIBLE! I say jump on in!!!

  4. I love your colors! What a joy finding a hidden treasure :) I am sure you can tackle it!