Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy EPP New Year!

Let's start 2014 off right with a little EPP. Last April I started these hexies as a little quilting project that I could take with me on a trip to Denmark. I chose blue because I never use blue. I don't think I've ever made a blue quilt. This project started without a plan, as some good quilts tend to do.

I was wondering what to do with these blue hexies when I saw a poster on the East River Ferry. The poster showed old photographs of a big boat dumping old subway cars into the water. Did you know that old subway cars are used to create artificial reefs? Well, now you do.

Looking at the posters, I thought back to the Titanic and how underwater photos of the decay were a pretty aqua color. But I was already several months into piecing the randomly blue hexies. So, now the plan is to make a 'solid' blue hexie quilt with some pretty aqua-colored decaying subway cars appliqued at the bottom.

It is taking forever! But it is almost the size of a yoga mat now. 


  1. that's huge! keep going. Can't wait to see the subway cars..

  2. LOL! I have lots of decayed fabrics in my stash. Come over and scrounge!

    1. I'll gladly scrounge your stash and bring some postage stamps in return. Thanks Helen!