Monday, January 20, 2014

I Got the Blues!

Over the past two weeks my blue hexie blob has increased to 426g! One thing about the metric system is that it really makes you feel accomplished. 426! That sounds a lot better than 15 oz. I also like tracking my jogging in km; 5 kilometers does sound farther than 3 miles.
Last week (or was it the week before?), some of you showed your sewing kits. What an organized bunch you are! I have adopted the nesting plastic bag strategy. I never really gave much thought to this sewing kit, it just happened out of what was lying around. Thinking about it now, it is strange. Those of you who know me know that plastic bags are one of my pet peeves. I hate how everything is double and triple bagged. I lived in Taiwan for two years, and one of the only things I can say in Mandarin is, 'I don't need a bag'. Yet, here it is, my plastic bag sewing kit.

I keep it simple. Thread, two needles tucked in a contrasting-colored scrap, scissors on a string that I hang around my neck while I'm sewing, binding clips for basting the hexies. I don't use a thimble. I never got the hang of it. 
I also got some requests to see how the blob looks unfolded. Here you go. My sister's size 11 shoes give it some perspective. 


  1. Ha ha, with the shoes, the last photo reminds me of Cookie Monster. You're making a life-sized Cookie Monster! :)

    I also agree about using the metric system for making one feel good.

  2. Like your logic, Bernadette... I love how the shoelaces match the hexies, too! ;-)

  3. I smile every time I read your posts :) Very creative and I love your work!