Sunday, January 22, 2012

15 minutes?

Thank you E for introducing me to 15 minutes of play. I have to admit that while I love the idea I'm having a few problems. I have come to the conclusion that you ladies are either speedy quilters or have an incredible amount of self discipline because I just simply can't stop at 15 minutes! How in the world do you do it?
Is there such a thing as quilter time? You know, like dog years. If 1 dog year is 7 (?) human years, does 15 minutes of play in quilter time equal 2 hours of regular time?
Either way, I have put together these lovely purple blocks and an idea for a floral quilt. (Really Bernadette? Floral? Is this you typing? You are not a floral kind of gal! What is happening? Where is the real Bernadette? Maybe she is lost in a quilter time warp.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh there is such a thing as quilter's time alright. Think light years.