Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Phat Quilt

My friend studies lipids. One day he showed me a model of how the fat molecules naturally assemble to form these layers, which then happily attach themselves to the cells on your belly and the underside of your upper arm. I was struck by the bold geometric pattern and immediately thought that they would make a great quilt. Here it is, "The Fat Quilt". 

When you think about it, there are many ways that lipids are like quilts.
1) They accumulate gradually, small pieces at a time, and before you know it you have enough to share!
2) They can keep you warm in the winter.
3) They both are a lifestyle.
4) Both are difficult to get rid of. 

I love this quilt.

This was my first attempt at long arm quilting. The woman at the quilt store was supremely annoyed that not only had I pieced the back (oh the horror!) but I had also failed to square the sides off exactly. She sighed exasperatingly and shook her head every time she looked at it. She also told me at least a dozen times that I needed to take her basic quilting techniques class.  No, thank you.

Once I got it all set up and pinned on, the long arm was a lot of fun. I may have gotten a bit carried away and the result is reminiscent of 'Harry and the Purple Crayon'. But I think it goes well with the circular theme of the quilt. Don't you?


  1. yes, yes i do! go big loopy quilting!

  2. I loved the back of your quilt! ( And the front too!) I think pieced backs are much more interesting than plain old solid ones. I have leftover blocks from my last quilt and am planning to piece them into the back. It was nice to meet you and your quilt today.

  3. LOVED IT!!! B, email me, I have info for you... ;-)