Monday, January 30, 2012

Orange and Green Invasion

 It all started at Jessica's house. I picked out this lovely assortment of colors to take to her stitch 'n bitch. As per usual I paid no attention to color value, light or dark and just picked the colors that caught my eye. I generally gravitate towards bright colors. I am conscious that this tendency often results in quilts looking infantile or clown-y. So I tell myself to try and be careful -but who wants to be careful when it comes to selecting fabric anyway? Not me, I throw caution to the wind.

I was excited to start something new- because why finish an old project you have when you can start a new one? I was inspired and started making these fractured zig zag blocks. But something went wrong, the colors just didn't work very well. There isn't enough light and dark contrast between the oranges and greens to make this pattern work well. So I set the blocks aside until I figure out what to do with them. Maybe if I add some yellow or blue? How about brown? Any thoughts?

So logically, I started another new project.

I loved the look of Jessica's rose star. And she made it look so easy. I have never tried EPP. But so far so good. I have all the pieces basted on pieces of construction paper that I cut myself. I also outlined the hexagon with a sharpie before I cut so there is the potential for my pieces to be a bit inconsistent. I will let you know once I start sewing it together.

But did you notice anything? Again with the green and orange! 
It is possible that my orange and green phase started long ago. I've been thinking a lot about this color combination and I realized that this winter, I have been pairing my green jacket with   this fantastic hat that I got in Kyrgystan (purchased in 2008- and modeled with a green shirt in the picture seen here). There is no escaping, orange and green are taking over!

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